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by J.L. Murra

The Novel

Current day. Peninsula of Yucatan.

Kiara has come from California to the cradle of Mayan civilization. Her purpose is visiting her father Robert Jensen leader of a recent archaeological project. As the days passed, both realize that the site hides an ancient mystery. Kiara will be caught deep in the jungle where an ancient knowledge will defy the way she understands her own reality.

Sarah Hayes works for NASA when an electromagnetic storm arises in the sun. The phenomenon begins to produce drastic changes in weather around the planet. The Earth’s rotation axis begins to shake producing huge earthquakes and tsunamis. The continuity of our civilization is threatened. An unknown radiation emerges in the deep of the Mexican jungle. Sarah leads the team that must find the source of the radiation that affects the behavior of the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

Anya is a master warrior who all her life has fought to achieve the maximum knowledge in an ancient discipline: The complex magic. Her dream of becoming a supreme master of ancient knowledge seems to be carried out when evil arises back into her civilization. An ancient cosmic cycle approaches announcing the end of the Atlantean civilization. Anya will discover that the answer to her questions is hidden beyond time, in a distant future where humans have lost touch with their own consciousness and the magic of creation.

THE SIXTH SUN is coming up and has the answers to all questions that will come throughout the forty chapters full of suspense, drama and action that won’t let you be away from the novel even for a moment.

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