THE SIXTH SUN - The Pyramid of Etznab

Author: J. L. Murra
Ebook (Android, iOS, PC)
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Product description
THE SIXTH SUN - In an agile and simple way, with a reading rhythm that traps since the first chapter, THE SIXTH SUN immerses us into a world of ancestral knowledge completely new and unexpected for the Western Culture. Its storyline of thriller and action exceeds the limits of time and space to recreate millennial civilizations in a way never before imagined.

The first book of the novel leads us to understand the greatest mysteries of a lost civilization. Mysteries that hide the keys to predict the future of our species. A future that threatens all humanity because of the apathy of economic materialism, and obsessive depredation of natural resources, which leads us to the destruction of our planet.

Product details
Format: .epub (Android, iOS, PC).
File size: 1,15 kb.
Pages: 750.
Lenguage: English.

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