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The use of the service shall be construed as a fact that accepts the terms and conditions of the license (hereinafter the Agreement). The grant / approval of this license grants the right to use or reproduction of digital content licenses relate, hereinafter referred to as Digital Book. Means license usage download and install, non-exclusive and only once, for personal and non-commercial use of digital books, using wire or wireless means, on any computer or device (known or unknown) that owns and manages the user, so that the user can access these digital books at the time you choose. is the service provider that allows you to license use or reproduction of products with editorial content called Digital Books. The user receives a license to reproduce Digital Books available on the portal all rights not granted to the user expressly reserves in this license. Products with digital content or digital books, you are granted to the user under limited license for the editor and using the software, programs or technical limitations that publishers determine for protection, which does not involve the sale or transfer of economic rights to user. This license alone will grant the right to use or reproduce products with editorial content under this Agreement, therefore, the user can not loan, rent, sell, transfer, publish or redistribute such content in whole or in part, in a commercial context or publicly share, with or without profit.
Permitted use of digital books allows access through the Internet, which is granted a license for the use or reproduction of digital books, through which the user:
You can:
Download Digital Books for strictly personal purposes and only on one occasion single screen.
Play Digital Books for commercial purposes.
Redistribute the content of digital books in a commercial or free context or share publicly, with or without profit. Copying or publications on a computer network or other means other than authorized, except as authorized in this contract. alter, modify, maul or damage the content of digital books that are licensed to him, except in cases where the editor so permits.
Modify, loan, rent, sell or distribute digital books here authorized, except for permitted use under this Agreement.
Print the content of digital books.
Remove, obscure, or alter copyright notices on intellectual property, including copyright notices and trademarks.
Engaging in any activity that interferes with or disrupts the services or servers
You acknowledge and agree to be solely responsible for the breach of any of its obligations under this Agreement and responsible for the consequences arising from such breach.
Digital Books, can be downloaded only once and can not be replaced if lost for any reason attributable to the user.
Replacement will be made in the terms of the license and only as long as the user has requested the replacement to mail for downloading and use of its license. is not responsabe in terms of hardware or devices on your use user license.
It is your responsibility not to destroy, damage or lose books once downloaded, so it can not support them, or for backup purposes. You can not use digital books from a different mode authorized by this license. Likewise, the user agrees not to modify, loan, rent, sell or distribute digital books here authorized, except for permitted use under this Agreement.