Mayan Mysteries

  • Introduction

    Unlike our flat and material current view about existence, the Mayans considered their own life as a great mystical voyage of learning. This voyage took place in our world and was experienced through a dual mechanism.

    Firstly, there was the physical body. Mortal and subject to the laws of matter. Only temporarily useful. Considered by them as a simple vehicle that carried them through the wild world´s scabrous reality.

    Secondly was the consciousness. Considered by the Mayans as our true immortal being. Known as Way or Wayob in their own language. Snakelike represented. In order to understand it in modern terms, our immortal soul or spirit. But with a big difference. In the Mayan thought our consciousness was a curious, stealthy and dynamic entity. Of evolutionary and eternally changing character. Its existence purpose was exploring and learning the mysterious laws which govern the cosmos. Our world was its field of exploration. Which was considered by them as a magical realm of lush beauty. Where heavens and earth influenced each other in a continuous dance of power for governing the destiny of living beings.

    This realm of magic and color was governed by a supreme intelligence that they called the Kin and we could understand in modern terms as divine light. Our Sun was the source from which this supreme power emanated, which was called Kin’Ich Ahau. The highest lord of divine light face.

    The Kin represented the supreme intelligence that made life possible. Since the Mayans believed that this divine light was the main component of our consciousness. Meaning that in terms of their own knowledge, living beings were part light and part matter. Light formed our consciousness. And since the light comes from the stars, they considered themselves as children of these. For this reason, both the huge stars and the living beings were product of the divine light that gave rise to the mysteries of creation.

    This divine light was present in everything that was visible. And in fact, the Mayans believed that consciousness was not an isolated phenomenon in each individual but of collective nature. A force that amalgamated all the existing, establishing an energetic link between individuals, species, planets, stars and galaxies. In other words, when being created of light the whole cosmos was conscious. The main characteristic of this conscious cosmos was its eternal movement. This was understood by them as a manifestation of energy and power of creation. Every movement contains a rhythm and every rhythm comprises a series of cycles. This is why the Mayans thought that it was necessary to observe the rhythm, cycles and movement of cosmos for understanding the great mysteries of the divine consciousness. And so they did during the thousands of years that flourished their civilization. In fact, they were creators of a specialized school for unraveling these mysteries.

    Through dance, music and rituals they learned to separate consciousness from their physical body to intertwine it with more complex consciousness and so learn from them.

    And so they came to understand the mysteries behind the evolution cycles of the planets, living beings and the very stars. A knowledge they later captured in their codices which was never understood by those who came to their settlements to unravel their mysterious science.

  • What does THE SIXTH SUN mean?

    As great scholars of astronomical cycles, the Mayan identified our sun´s main cycles of evolution. As human beings our own evolution depends on the development of its cycles. So the Mayans determined when these cycles would favor our evolution as conscious beings and when these cycles would harm us turning us into more savage violent and primitive beings.

    The fifth sun as represented in the Aztec monolithic stone of the sun, warns us of a violent and bloody character. This represents our current era. War, hunger, misery and destruction. That is the underworld of suffering and pain.

    There are hypotheses about THE SIXTH SUN, which is our next astronomical cycle regarding the date of its birth. The most common establishes its date of birth on December 21 st 2012. According to the correlation GMT (Goodman, Martinez, Thompson).

    Although many scholars differ from this date, most agree that its birth will occur in the coming years. But… what this new sun will represent for all of us? Perhaps it will be a new era of peace and enlightenment for men? Or the economic materialism will continue to damage the lives of millions of beings in our planet?

  • Master of the underworld. Supreme lord of the jungle. It represents the physical nature. The power of force. The maximum survival skill. Its name is Hix, Balam in Mayan language Supreme hidden hunter.

    It rules the underworld by divine right. Its skin represents the throne investiture. For thousands of years, the Mayan emperors will wear them on their clothing to denote their dominance and governing power. The attributes of strength, agility, stealth and determination are absolutely necessary for anyone who holds the throne.

    Only emperors, priests and great warriors can wear its skins.

    In the above illustration, the jaguar carries a headdress with the image of the Ahau. That represents the sun. The divine light. Who confers him the divine right of ruling.

    Its clothing consists of pectoral and bracelets. Typical attire of dancers. It means that its nature moves according to the rhythm of creation.

  • Divine nature. Human soul. Consciousness. Unlike Western concept, the Mayan considered the soul or human spirit as an evolving entity. Changeable. Of a dynamic nature. Worlds explorer.

    In terms of Mayan thought, our consciousness is alert and permanently moving. It orbits two planes of concrete reality. Wakefulness and sleep. Its name is Way, (pronounced Guaee. Don´t confuse with the English word way.)

    In the above illustration is shown the incarnate soul in a human character. In the Mayan hieroglyphic writing the names of the governors will always be accompanied of the glyph Way. This shows their true nature. A way of clarifying that physical body is only a vehicle. A means of experimentation and transport for overcoming the sheer road out of the underworld.

  • The only Pre-Columbian document that relates the abrupt clash of the European civilization and the survivors of the Mayan empire. Written by the Franciscan Bishop Friar Diego de Landa, judge and executioner of the ancestral knowledge.

    Among the most interesting notes of this manuscript, there is a fact that hasn´t been noticed by many centuries.

    De Landa delves even more into the mystery of the Mayans origin, as stated in his document of having found himself in a ceremonial burial, human bones that are too large and widths to fit the physiognomy of the indians. Also at the discovering of the great pyramid of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza, relates how the legends of the now settlers describe the arrival of the ancient lords builders of pyramids through the sea in large ships from “levant” that is from the east, the place where the sun rises.

    This way, the Franciscan suggests in his manuscript, that the ancient Mayan empire was probably ruled by men from other lands coming from some distant place beyond the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Abandoned city in the Late Classic Period. Around 800 AD. Palenque, Chiapas México.

    All the architecture stands vertically evoking the desire of reaching heavens. As Mayans are great observers of cosmos. Their calendar accounts measure with incredible precision the astronomical cycles spanning periods of more than 5000 years.

    Historians give them the title of “Lords of time”. But Mayans are even more enigmatic. Their complex form of science still hides more mysteries.

    A thorough investigation into de purpose of practicing their rituals will shed light on the real purpose of their astronomical observations and the obsessive calculation of time.

  • Through the use of magnetic sticks. Prophesying future events through the interpretation of numerical accounts was in common use among the ancient Mayans. This practice was so important in their lives that even Friar Diego de Landa in his sixteenth century chronicles describes how the Mayan priests had the knowledge of the Spanish invasion years before their arrival. Numerous codices of that time were already talking about the imminent arrival of the “Dzules” and how they would impose their dominion over the peoples.

    Thanks to the practice of their rituals the “Ah Kin” developed a complex form of science based on the expansion of consciousness through the controlled use of various psychotropic plants. Because according to their knowledge, human consciousness has the ability to travel to other planes of existence through practices such as lucid dreaming. Thus, the diviners “Chilam” managed to observe future events in the life of peoples or individuals themselves.

    In the engraving are seen representations of the numbers 7, 8, 9, 12, 13 and 11 in iconographic notation. Note that in the paint, both the numbers and the divination glyphs float over the individuals, since these are represented as belonging to the supernatural plane that hovers over reality.

    The Catholic Church banned these practices after consolidating its dominance over the Mayan, describing them as heresy or work of the devil.

  • In the Mayan thought all things have a dual aspect. The first aspect consist of the natural order and manifests in reality every day. It is called the physical world. The second aspect is formed by the intangible energy that gives life and purpose to each thing or phenomenon that exists in the world. This is the spiritual world.

    Both forces compose the whole creation. Just as the body and soul duality in human being. That for Mayans is better known as “Matter – Star” since in their thinking the whole material and spiritual creation comes from the stars.

  • In the Mayan conception of existence the soul or consciousness is confined within the physical body. This is how it is experienced the scabrous reality of underworld. Traumatic experiences in the form of diseases, pain, suffering and death accompany us throughout life in our world.

    However, the Way or consciousness is released during dreams. This way it has the freedom to explore other higher planes of reality. For thousands of years Shamans will become explorers of consciousness by undergoing the trance during their rituals.

    Thus they will develop a form of natural knowledge that talks about the life and death mysteries. About the power of consciousness and our ability to unravel the most intractable riddles of the universe around us.

  • Vase of the Seven Gods, Late Classic Period

    Day 4 Ahau 8 Kumku. Meeting of the seven deities singing the concert of creation. Starting date of a new cosmic cycle according to the Mayan calendar counts.

    In the hieroglyphic inscription it reads from the top to the bottom: They were put in order, Lord of the black center, Lord of the heavenly place, Lord of the earth, Lord of the nine steps, Lord Bolom Ok Te, The three Lords born together, 20 tree - deer, Rower jaguar, Sacred tree.

    In the drawing the Lord rower Jaguar drives the boat just when the sky separates from the origin waters.

    The 6 characters to the left represent the two divine triads that govern on the heavenly and earthly order of the universe. Both triads carry the stellar matter of creation, celestial gift from the gods whose glyph reads “9 Matter Star - earth”.

    This duality “Matter - Star” or body and soul as it would be now understood, forms the divine origin of the living beings that inhabit the earth. Since the Mayans define our soul as a spark of divine light that comes from the higher realms of existence.

    The 7th main deity rests on the jaguar throne making a gesture of starting with his right hand. All are dressed in the symbolic costume of the ball game. Ready to begin the cosmic dance of the new creation.

    Jaguar skin skirts define his ruling power over the underworld. Over his head look headdresses whose attributes manifest in the natural world. Long Quetzal feathers and the glyph “Ahau” define his luminous nature as carriers of the cosmic order.


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