First Book
The pyramid of Etznab

Internationally acclaimed, the saga of THE SIXTH SUN is the result of 30 years of research into the mysteries surrounding human consciousness.

Suitable for all audiences. With a simple and understandable language, the novel reveals the most enigmatic aspects of Mayan culture. Same that has intrigued the world for more than four centuries.

In an agile and simple way, with a reading rhythm that traps since the first chapter, THE SIXTH SUN immerses us into a world of ancestral knowledge completely new and unexpected for the Western Culture. Its storyline of thriller and action exceeds the limits of time and space to recreate millennial civilizations in a way never before imagined.

The novel focuses in answering two fundamental questions of the Mayan millennial knowledge.

The first, what purpose had the construction of the great pyramids? What kind of technology hide these buildings?

Based on the study of manuscripts dating from the sixteenth century, JL Murra will answer these questions, taking us thousands of years back in time to discover the civilization which gave rise to the intriguing science of the pyramids. This science, claim his researches, had not the purpose to generate huge amounts of energy to contribute to the systematic depredation of the planet’s resources. But it is due to a higher purpose, which is to lead the human being towards the full development of his consciousness in order to reach his maximum evolution.

The second questioning, Why the Mayans were so obsessed with the precise measurement of the movements of the sun, planets and stars? What was the purpose of their measurement of time so precise?

THE SIXTH SUN masterfully answers these questions deciphering the keys of ancient knowledge, engraved in stunning temples around the Mesoamerican jungle. Thus discovers the true purpose of their planetary science and the succession of astronomical cycles affecting the behavior of our species. A sublime revelation that will lead us to understand the enigma of human evolution, and our purpose as living beings.

Throughout 750 pages the first book of the novel leads us to understand the greatest mysteries of a lost civilization. Mysteries that hide the keys to predict the future of our species. A future that threatens all humanity because of the apathy of economic materialism, and obsessive depredation of natural resources, which leads us to the destruction of our planet.

Thousands of readers have summarized the reading of this book in a single sentence:

"THE SIXTH SUN will light up darkness."

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J. L. Murra

For thirty years J.L. Murra has been field researcher on the expansion of consciousness rituals practiced by Huichols shamans under states of shamanic trance. Practitioner of the ancient discipline of lucid dreaming such as it was developed by ancient cultures for thousands of years.

Author of the internationally acclaimed work
THE SIXTH SUN saga, undoubtedly the most revealing collection of books about the mysteries that Mayan civilization hides.

Natural mathematician and literary artist, J.L. Murra is the author of the mathematical decipherment that reveals the origin of the Tzolkin sacred calendar. Same that in 2008 was reviewed by the IIMAS, Research Institute for Applied Mathematics of Mexico.

Creator of the graphic model that defines its functioning and direct relationship with the differential rotation of sun.

J.L. Murra is currently leading the research on the more complex forms of shamanic science of the ancient Mayans. According to which the reality we daily live consists of multiple dimensions that are reached by the human beings in states of shamanic trance and lucid dreaming.


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